Level Progress Update + Website

See-saws, thrusters, planets & shooting stars

Posted by on 9th Aug 2020

Website now online!
To make things easier, Marbles in Space now has a website where game information is available, including links to play it and give feedback and such!
You can visit it at [no longer available]

Keeping it afloat

From user feedback it was realised that it didn't make much sense to have the platforms floating and the ball and boxes falling off and being victims of gravity with no visible way of keeping them there or explaining why the gravity exists in an otherwise sans-gravity environment. From this, I created thrusters for the map and some planets.

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Post tutorial level

After the tutorial level which lets the user get used to the basic controls and get a bit of a feel for each ball type comes level 2. A level with actual puzzles to complete it. At the time of writing this it's still in development but I can share this little snippet so far. There are see-saws and a shooting star environment background element if you look close enough!

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