Creating the Map

Some bits and pieces

Posted by on 4th May 2019

Once thing I decided early on when developing this game is that the map should be able to be created easily and fairly quickly from little bits and pieces that can be snapped together.

At the moment I don't have too much to share but here are the beginning pieces that make up the level maps.

What's makes up the levels?

These are some stairs, a moveable cube, corner and flat surface pieces, a "ball changer" area, an archway (that may be used for checkpoints etc...), a green force field area (This only enables certain ball types to travel over it) and a flat area with sloped edges.

This is by no means ALL of the pieces that will make up the level maps, nor are the pieces final in any way but it's a start to the level creation process so far.

So, what's next?

I am currently toying with the idea of an inside area or even a whole inside level but next for the map pieces will be the surrounding objects, so things that the player doesn't interact with directly. Maybe some random space ships, space rocks, torches and so on. Decorative items if you will that make the levels look that bit more interesting.

Bonus image!

Here's a bonus image of some early level design whilst I was working on the game and player control mechanics.