An intro to Head Unit

Posted by on 25th Aug 2019

Head Unit

The name of my unreleased adventure in video game creation that is due to be entirely rewritten. "Head Unit" is a music focussed car driving game with a beat-the-clock mechanic.
The idea behind it is that each level would be a different genre of music and the levels would reflect that through its graphical style, storyline and gameplay.

Currently it starts with a realistic graphics style and the genre is country music. An intro custscene of a truck driving around a dirt mountainous track at night is the first thing the player sees, when the cutscene is done the player is introduced to a character who mentions that "last night's driving was fun" and tells a story about it. He then challenges you to beat his time now that it is morning, it is also a bit foggy. The time the player needs to beat on each level is always the length of the music track for that level.

This would introduce the player to the game straight away, no tutorials or hand holding but it should be familiar, it's a driving game, the controls should come naturally to anyone who has ever played a driving game before. It is playable with most common controllers as well as a keyboard and mouse.

As mentioned earlier each level will feature a different genre of music. This is the main focus of the game and here are some ideas for levels that I have come up with so far:

  • "Metal/Rock" - Dark red and black colouring, the car is a hearse, surreal sometimes even spooky, fantasy theme of "late to your own funeral"
  • "Drum & Bass" - Bright flashing coloured lights, fast paced, high energy, sharp turns, long straights.
  • "Classical" - Slower regal type car, lush landscape with much green and a bright sunny day.

There are more genres but hopefully that gives you an idea of the style of the game and the intentions with it.
So what's the status of the game at the moment? Well it's an older project and it remains unfinished and is due for a complete overhall when the time comes.