An Intro to FORMAT_

Posted by on 25th Feb 2019


A handheld game featuring mini-game style levels with the goal of simply getting the highest score.

The story:

You work for PC4U. Your job is to provide the best possible service in our PC repair company.
Through a series of minigame style tasks your job is to rack up the dollars and become employee of the month!
Each department has its own leaderboard plus the overall company leaderboard.
Best of luck out there!

There are no levels to unlock as everything is unlocked by default. The money that is earned during gameplay does nothing other than serve as a highscore. There will be leaderboards for each level (or "Department in the company") as well as an "Overall Top Employees" leaderboard which will tally all the money earned from every game that the player has played.

There are currently three known mini-games with one of them being complete and the other two and many more to be developed and included.
These are:

  • "The Format Conveyor" - A reactions game.
  • "Anti-Virus Department" - A brickbreaker game.
  • "RAM Testing" - A pinball game.

The Android version will come first with Nintendo 2DS and 3DS versions to be developed after.