Google Play Games Services

(and advertisements)

Posted by on 25th Feb 2019

A long time trouble

So after a very long time I eventually got the game to work with Google Play Game Services. Turns out that in Unity it adds an unnecessary space character in the Android manifest file which was causing the app to instantly crash when run.

What it's being used for?

The game is somewhat competitive when it comes to highscores. The GPGS gives an easy way to keep track of user scores per level and overall.
On each level the player will start their day off with $0 and as they progress succesfully through the level they gain money. This money serves as the highscore and nothing else (no in app purchase rubbish). The more money the player earns on each level then the higher up the score table they go. The "Overall Top Employee" leaderboard is a sum of all the players top scores added together from each level.

There will also be achievements in the game which range from reaching certain scores to trying out different levels as well as some hidden achievements.

If a user doesn't want to use Google Play Games Services, denies the app access to it or the playing device is offline then the highscores are just saved locally and the ability to view the leaderboards or gain or view achievements is disabled.


Everyone hates advertisements that's a pretty well known fact I'm sure, but at the same time publishers, creators and the like need a way to earn money from their creations if it's to be a sustainable thing in this day and age.

Advertisements in "FORMAT" only appear on every other retry of a level and aren't intrusive or blocking any of the gameplay elements of play field in any way.
I hate them as much as the next person and no doubt I run an ad blocker on my internet browser as do most people these days and it's for this reason and understanding that I have included an option to disable ads in the game for free. That being said, if you enjoy FORMAT
when it's out then please consider a donation or leave ads enabled. But it's totally up to you of course, no paywalls or in app purchases here.

I think it goes without saying but obviously the Nintendo 3DS release of the game won't have advertisements or achievements. It will however have a local leaderboard and an online leaderboard is planned but all that will be worked out after the Android version has been released and the 3DS version development is in full swing.